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Being a part of this tight-knit community means that we will give you the best service possible. At Allen Moss we care about our clients, and that’s what sets us apart. We will fight for you in and out of the courtroom as if you are family, because that’s how it works in a small town. Support a local hometown lawyer who will fight so much harder for your rights!

Now is the time to band together and help support local businesses so they aren’t at risk of closing down.

Injured at Work? Let Us Help You.

Work related injuries can be tough. Investing in a local attorney who is experienced with work injury cases could be the difference between you being well-compensated for the injury and becoming destitute.

Do the Best Thing for You

What’s best for you and what’s best for your employer often won’t line-up in situations like these. If you think about it, any money they spend towards your settlement will cut into their profits. It’s in the best interest for them to not pay you or to pay you only a minimal amount.

It’s best in these cases to get a lawyer who can ensure that you get the maximum settlement for your work injury. Not every case is the same and it requires an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to navigate the ins and out of the situation to get the compensation that you deserve. Your focus should be on recovery, not on fighting your employer and their insurance company for a settlement. We’ll handle the fight so that you can focus on your recovery.

Allen Moss is experienced at handling workers compensation claims and ensuring that you and your family get the settlement that you deserve! We are committed to helping you get what you need to fully recover from the injury, both physically and financially. We understand how stressful this can be and want to put you at ease, we can and will help you!

We handle a variety of work injuries:

  • Bodily injury or disability
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other localized, repetitive motion-influenced injuries
  • Slips and Falls
  • On-site injuries that are the result of working environments that are unsafe, unclean, unsecure or otherwise substandard

We serve Cape Girardeau County and the surrounding areas, and we are dedicated to helping each and every individual and family get the compensation for their work injury that they are entitled to. We excel in getting the settlement that you and your family deserve.

And you will work with an actual lawyer, not a legal assistant.

We Fight for You!

A work injury, depending on the severity, can take months till you’re able to get back to work. Workers compensation is intended to replace your income and provide medical benefits to the employee. This may sound like it’s in your best interest, but the policies often benefit the employer more than the employee. This often results in more stress and financial obligations than you can comfortably handle. Let us fight for you and take that stress away! You deserve the compensation needed to properly recover from your injury without having to also fight for that compensation. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. There’s no risk to contact us and find out what we can do to help you.

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